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Goals for July

I am defeated..NOT!! But maybe a little deflated (It feels like all the air is out of me right now)

I did not achieve my blog goals for June, but I am setting new ones for July anyway. I have moved from Manhattan,  Kansas in the US to Kopavogur Iceland this June so I can say that I have some excuse. Mainly what happened was that I stopped blogging every day. My motivation has not come back full force. I am adjusting to a new reality and now I have to get my routine back. The challenge is one post a day in July.

My June goals were;

100 viewers pr. day

3000 viewers pr. month


My results for June 2012  are

27 readers pr. day, 821 readers pr. month and 812 followers(the only goal I achieved)

which means that I have to start from scratch. At least set more realistic goals while I get back on track.

Then on the positive note!

Still, I got 821 readers in June, thank you for the likes, visits and comments. It is a good and positive experience to be here with you all! And I got a Versatile blogger nomination! So all in all it was a good month. Lots to be thankful for. Thank you!

July goals

50 viewers pr. day

1550 viewers pr. month



Summer solstice dance

Let me tell you about last night

I got to enjoy the summer solstice with a good friend, we met up with a group of women (one man) to celebrate the longest day of the year. We did not take any pictures, therefore I  will  find a video from a similar dance and try my best to describe the scenario.

We met about six in the evening and danced 5 rhythm dance till about nine. We did the wave of dance Gabrielle Roth style. Then there was time for food and togetherness. It was just  wonderful.

Here is a video explaining and showing the 5 rhythms of dance;

This is what I did last night, loosen up, totally. Barefoot outside on the ground with a BIG group of people that are just like me, looking inwards in the midst of the material world. We were surrounded by the Icelandic nature and the midnight sun. The rain made the senses dance too. The scent from the birch is unforgettable!

It was lovely and I am THANKFUL for the beautiful moment.

I can be lazy and I´m proud of it!

I was inspired by reading this post called the art of doing nothing.

I am not an official recovering workaholic, I mean I have never gone to a twelve step meeting to deal with it ,but yes I am.

I was a workaholic I just dealt with the emptiness in a different twelve step program.

I have four kids , when I was at work I worried about them. When I was at home I  was thinking about work. I was in neither place. When I had the day off I had hard time relaxing without feeling shameful. When I tried to relax I found my self thinking that I should do something. At least clean the house! It is difficult to wind down when,you are  like me in such a  spiral that It was like I  was about to get launched from the planet like a rocket.

When I collapsed I finally learned   to relax. Now I sleep in couple of times  a week. At least I sleep long enough to wake up by myself (no alarm). If I am tired I lay down and get some rest.I have learned to listen to my body.

I am working on saying no. I had some relapse last year when I had 130% studies, 50-70% work and was stupid enough to say yes  to be a chairman of small association. The icing on the cake was investing  in a company that was not exactly something I was interested in, just to add things that I did not have time for.

Time that I stole from myself and my family. It goes without saying that none of this would have been possible if I was not blessed with wonderful people around me to help me.

I finally managed to get out, and since August last year I have been working on my own things. Writing,  which is my passion. And I have been studying Art history, which I find fascinating. I have been in a sort of protected environment.

Now I am moving back home and I wonder. Am I strong enough? When people ask me to do things I am not interested in. Will I be persistent enough to say no and belive in the things I am doing on my own?

Well that is my task of the day´s and weeks to come

1. Say no to things that others want me to do if  I´m not interested.

2. Relax, and practice being there. To be in the now at all times Eckart Tolle style.

3.Believe in me, no matter what others say.

4. Stick to my plan, it is a good one and it will come true, if I don´t abandon it.

5.Be active in my coda program so that I won´t fall back into bad habits

 cartoon, taken from Frazzled mommy blog.

Next Post

Practice makes perfect

Change The Code

I don’t get people who always complain about being too busy. They are always running from here to there and back again.


It seems that in the end it only seems to cause some kind of resentment. These people are over tired and over worked.

I say do less, not more.

You really need to take time for yourself first. It is okay to laze around. I said so.

Sit quietly with your coffee and read the paper or just sit and watch the birds.

Take a super hot bath with no distractions!

How does that sound? 

This was my long weekend from my soul sucking day job and the weather here in Nova Scotia was perfect.

Sunny and very warm. On Friday we went to the beach and it was amazing.


This a photo of the actual beach. Rissers beach provincial park. It has a pretty good campground…

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The trust issue

I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful.
Marilyn Monroe

Cropped screenshot of Marilyn Monroe from the ...

I wish I could just relax and live by the wisdom of wonderful Marilyn. But I am preoccupied with trust.

Not trusting people but having faith in  life. Having  faith that everything is going to be just fine. I am in a limbo. I just finished the school year. I´ve been an exchange student in the USA since August last year. Now I am preparing to go back home to Iceland.

My daughter finishes her school next week and then we can leave. When I come home I have no job, neither does my husband. We have a place to stay. But there is no economic security. And the task ahead is to trust that everything will be fine. That I vill get some job for the summer. That we will be able to support ourselves.  I could worry. But I have learned that worrying in advance is not getting me any closer to my goals.

So what is left then? 

To let go, and TRUST life

To have faith in life, everything will be fine!

This needs our attention!

You must write something that is more entertaining mom!

My boss and I

©spessi www.spessi.com

My daughter and I on the beach on my 45th birthday.©spessi, www.spessi.com

My daughter , nine years old , looked over my shoulder this morning when I was checking the stats for my blog. Only nine people! You must write something that is more fun to read!  I explained to her that it was not my goal. I was writing what I liked to write about, that is holistic approach.  My target group is women like me, and men, maybe older and some younger. People that share my interest in holistic approach. She shook her head and did not approve of my marketing strategy.

It is my blog and I control the content (It´s my party and I cry if I want to)

Probably one of the few areas of my life I don´t have to consult someone else before writing something. Well that is not true but sometimes I feel navigated. By the very same nine-year old.

I am thankful

I was thinking as I walked home from the library, how lucky I am. Studying at my age (45). It is nice to be able to read and learn at this phase in my life. I love what I am studying. Today I have been reading about monuments in Florence. I am reading play´s by American women. And I get to learn about architecture. How fascinating is that?

I am thankful, not only have I been able to study I have also been blessed with challenging jobs in the past  and I´m sure I will be in the future. I have been blessed with various tasks that taught me new things. I´ve got the chance to meet coworkers that were fascinating. Some of them are dear friends. Some were difficult but probably taught me the most.  My work has had room for personal growth. I have been blessed with good people around me that have put their faith in me.

All in all life is wonderful! (Even though my 100 readers a day is not quite there..yet)