Collection of videos I like

Lectures, movie trailers, interviews that I think are of interest arranged alphabetically either on subject or lecturer.


Acne and milk, especially skim milk correlation Length; 1.40 sec

A new way to see food, documentary, food matters , length 1.15 min

Body image video  From, Length;  2.10 sec.

Brené Brown, The number one enemy you will concur in your life, length 20 min.

Ellen Gustafsson Obesity+Hunger, 1 Global food issue , length; 9 min.

Food matters, trailer, Length; 3 min.
Food rules, Michael Pollan on Oprah , length 4 min.
Food rules, Michael Pollan, made by  Marija Jacimovic on Vimeo, length 3 min.


GMO Genetically modified organisms/Monsanto documentary

Hungry for change, trailer, Length; 3:33 sec.

Jamie Oliver´s TED wish,  length; 22 min.

Ken Robinson, Education kills creativity, 2006 .Length ; 20 min.

Ken Robison, Learning revolution, 2010 length; 21 min.

Louse L.Hay You can Heal your life, length 4 min


Marianne Williamsson, Our biggest fear. Length; 4:41 sec

Mark Brittman  What´s wrong with what we eat, length; 20 min

Michael Klaper, Dr.Michael Klaper, documentary Food that kills, length; 58 min

Michael Klaper, Dr. Michael Klaper, Plant only medicine man. Length 5 min

Mindless eating 2 min
Mike Evans, 23 1/2 hours, best things we can do for our health? Length; 9 min

Mooji on relationships and why they fail.

Nick Vujicic, No hands, no legs, no worries, beautiful inspiration! Length 4 min

Queen of the sun-what are the bees telling us? Length 2.43 sec

Robert H.Lustig, Is sugar toxic? 60 minutes interview, Length 14 min

Robert H. Lustig, The bitter truth (the sugar war) Length; 1,5 hour


Susan Cain lecture on the power being a introvert 20 min.

The Beautiful truth, film by 15-year-old Garret, length 1,5 hour

The Weight of a nation all 4 parts

University of California, The Skinny on obesity episode 1 an epidemic for everybody (contributing Dr. Robert H. Lustig length; 12 min

Vandana Shiva, Interview George Stroumbolopoulos , 22 min

vegetarianism ; a cartoon Are humans naturally herbivores?  length 6  min

We are all one, short film length. 10 min.


2 responses to “Collection of videos I like

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  2. Tilbaketråkk: The percription marketing | Holistic me

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